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Black Lab Home Repairs is a company that strives to make sure the client is always well taken care of.  The horror stories of a home repair technician or handyman or remodeling contractor coming into a home only to leave a job unfinished is what we aim to rescue you from.  We bring professionalism to the home repair industry.  When you have a scheduled appointment with us, we arrive on time and we don't leave until the job is finished.  You pay for the services we deliver on, as expected. We take pride in the quality of our work.  We are local, and we only serve the local areas of Woodland and Davis.  We serve the homeowner and investor alike.  Do you manage rental properties? Talk to us about our Property Management package.

Hourly or flat rate? We charge flat rates for all projects we take on.  This way you know exactly what your project will cost to complete.  We also will consult with you the different options there are to complete your project.  Please take a look around our website, see some of the work we do, and feel free to schedule a consultation so we can help you complete your project.  Please note we do not send estimates site unseen.  We can do virtual consultations to provide estimates.

Home Repair Services


From custom made doggie dish holders to deck repair and dry wall repair, we can help you with your carpentry needs.   Common calls received are for:

  • Cabinetry

  • Wood framed door alignments

  • Pre-hung Door installation

  • Shelving

  • Baseboard repairs

  • Crown molding repairs 

  • Window treatment installation

  • Gate repair

  • Fence repair

  • Picture Hanging

  • Door Repair

  • Drywall repair: walls and ceilings up to 4 ft diameter holes and ceilings up to 12 ft in height.

  • Shelving installation

  • Shelving

  • Bathroom Vanity installation

  • Cabinet repairs

  • Drawer repairs

  • Appliance installations: Ranges, Hood vents (with existing ventilation only), microwaves, and refrigerators

  • Trim of windows and doors

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Countertops


We offer full service kitchen, bath and outdoor remodeling services.  For a detailed consultation please book an in person remodel consultation.


Leaky faucet?  Clogged garbage disposal?  Need something installed?  Sure we can help! Here is a list of common calls:

  • Garbage disposal repair/installation

  • Running toilet repair

  • Swapping a toilet

  • Replace wax ring

  • Faucet repair/replace

  • Sink drain repairs/clogs

  • Re-caulking of tubs, sinks and counters

  • Appliance installations: Washers and dryers, electric and gas.

  • Irrigation repairs:

    • Sprinklers/ drip systems​

    • Sprinkler line repairs

    • Sprinkler valve repairs/replacement


Light switches that sizzle? Outlets that don't work?  Have a ceiling fan that needs to be installed?  We can help with those, and we can help with the security system you want installed too!  Common calls received are for:

  • Ceiling fan replacements

  • Light fixture retrofits (LED)

  • Sockets (interior/exterior)

  • Switches (interior/exterior)

  • Install security cameras ("Ring" type devices)

  • TV Mounting and set up

  • Lamp repair

  • Replacing Thermostats

  • Change Lightbulbs

  • Light fixtures (interior/exterior)

  • Recessed lighting

  • Replacement of Bathroom Vent fans (must have exhaust already plumbed through roof or wall)

  • Replace wall oven

Custom Woodwork

Want a custom look or feel to your home?  Here are some of the custom woodwork that we offer to add that special feel of home to you house:

  • Custom Signs: sayings, house numbers, gifts.

  • Shelves: pantry, floating, laundry room, modern or rustic

  • Gifts: cribbage boards, cutting boards, gift boxes, serving trays, bird houses, bird table.

  • mail box post: live in the country?  Need a mail box that really finishes off the look to the entry of your drive?  Let us help you complete that first impression with a custom mail box post.

  • Drawers: whether you need an old drawer rebuilt or new one made, we can help get it done.

  • Dog crates:  Your pup deserves a place to get a way and relax, to feel safe, but those plastic, or even wire crates just don't fit in with your living room decor.  We'll make a custom wood crate, that fits your home, and disappears into the back drop of any living space.



Black Lab Home Repairs started because we believe that you deserve better than what has been previously available for a home repair service company.  The term "Handyman" has been used in the past as a person who knows how to fix/build and maintain many different types of things usually done by multiple trades.  We have the ability to do many of the projects you would hire a "Handyman" for but we offer more where your average handyman can not.

Has this ever happened to you? You have a leaking faucet, and you call the local plumber, but they are booked three or more weeks out!  So go to Facebook, Yelp, Nextdoor or even just Google.  We don't have anything against any of this by the way...it may even be how you stumbled across this page!  You ask for referrals, and someone says give So-and So a call, they're great!  You give them a call and everything is going swimmingly, until mid way through the project and they say they need to stop until they can get parts.  They ask if you can pay for their time so far, and you being the understanding person you are, say, "Sure."  You pay them cash or check and they say they'll be back in a couple of days tops!  Then radio silence.  You call, and it goes straight to voicemail.  You call again, and the phone number is no longer operational.

Why do we paint this horrible picture?  Because, this story has been the reason we get many of our calls.  We know this happens, and we are here to bring professionalism to the home repair and construction industry.  We offer a more technological approach to our communications, including email, text messaging, and video calls. 

Why Black Labs?  Well come on, they are sooooo cute!  Look at that face to and tell us that isn't one of the cutest faces you've ever seen!  Okay, Labradors happen to be one of the most loyal, intelligent and dependable breeds.  That and our Founder has had mostly Black Labs his entire life, so he thought why not!  

While Black Lab Home Repairs was founded in January of 2021, our Founder, Al Aldrete, has been in the Home Repair Services industry for over 5 years. Located in Woodland, Ca, we only serve the communities of Woodland and Davis, CA .

What we don't do

As much as we would love to be able to take on every project that you have on your list, that just isn't feasible.  So we have listed on Our Services the types of projects we do, and there are a lot, but again, we know what our strengths are, and we prefer to stick to those.  So the types of projects we do not work on are:

  • Commercial Work

  • Load baring/ structural changes

  • Roof repairs

  • Pest control/abatement 

  • Yard clean up not related to backyard remodeling

  • Shed/structure builds 

  • Electrical Panel work: outside of resetting breakers at the panel we do not do any panel work, this should always be done by a licensed electrician.  We do work with licensed electricians, so if you need this done along with other repairs or projects we are able to assist you with getting the right people involved.

  • Appliance repairs

  • New Plumbing waste or supply lines from the main.

  • Plumbing behind walls or surrounds

  • Moving furniture

  • Structural repairs